The hammer we recommend for POLYTOPS nails & pins

The Polymer we use for our POLYTOPS colour plastic headed nails is tough and we are confident that it will past the strength test when being hammered into the material. However why run the risk of any damage if it can be avoided, and it can.

Don’t use a traditional steel headed hammer to drive the POLYTOPS into the material, as they do run the risk of damaging the plastic tops. We would recommend using a THOREX nylon hammers. These have a nylon head to strike the POLYTOPS in but these heads not as solid as a steel headed hammer so they will protect the POLYTOPS plastic tops and will prevent any unnecessary damage to our nails and pins.

But don’t just take our word for it

Have a listen to these guys. 8 minutes & 25 seconds into this video and they explain why they use these nylon headed hammers for driving in our POLYTOPS when fitting fascia boards.

So if you want the best results when using our POLYTOPS nails and pins we recommend that you invest in one of these nylon hammers