POLYTOPS® Pins and Nails

POLYTOPS® plastic top pins and nails are most popular for use with PVCU fascia & soffit and in wall cladding. Their outstanding quality means remedial work or rejects are much reduced, unlike other fasteners. 

POLYTOPS® A4 stainless steel material ensures no rust stain especially in such outdoor application. Standard head colours to match major brands of PVCU boards are white, oak, golden oak, mahogany, expresso and black.

Other colours are available subject to minimum order quantity and value. As we, SEAC, manufacture this at our UK factory in Leicester we are able to match up the colour and product these custom colours quicker than other importers can.

The self-masking, decorative plastic top of POLYTOPS® polymer headed nails provide a neat and unobtrusive fixing in one quick and simple step. Made from A4 stainless steel or zinc plated mild steel, these plastic topped nails are also corrosion resistant.

With the secure moulded heads made from special tough polymer plastic, the POLYTOPS® nails are shatter resistant to hammer. Every batch is destructively tested to failure on a drop test rig to simulate the product in use on site. A level is set when remedial action must be taken to restore quality.

Their specially designed tapered, annular ring shank provides better gripping characteristics than ordinary smooth nails enabling a stronger holding power and tamper resistance. Poor ring shank can result in less secure installation. We ensure POLYTOPS® polymer head nails offer you a secure fixing by testing pull out force required and therefore their security. These independent tests were carried out at Loughborough University Department of Engineering. POLYTOPS® nails have been accredited with the CE mark in June 2015.

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  • Marine grade A4 stainless steel ensures no rust stain even in outdoor applications.
  • Head will not snap or crack when hammered.
  • Annular ring shank ensures better grip.
  • Matching colours for major brand PVCU boards in stock.
  • Tapered or chamfered head for neater look.

POLYTOPS® Plastic Top Pins & Nails

Type Material Gauge Length Box qty
  • A4 Stainless Steel
  • Zinc Plated
14 25, 30, 40 mm 250
  • A4 Stainless Steel
  • Zinc Plated
10 40, 50, 65 mm 100