Our custom colour process

How we create new custom colours for our POLYTOPS fasteners

POLYTOPS Nails, Pins and Screws have been around for over 40 years, being used in a whole wide range of applications. They are a metal fastener with a plastic coloured head so they colour match with the surface colour of the item that they are fixing.

In the housing industry they are used to nail and pin the uPVC coloured fascia and soffit boards. Majority of these are white or black but the demand for different coloured boards is increasing year on year. Different shades of brown and grey being the more popular alternative colours.

POLYTOPS Number plate coloured screws were typically White, Black, Yellow and (EU) Blue to match the colour of the plate. In recent years, with the growth of EV (electric vehicles), green has been introduced to this range.

Other industries like the signage, portable building and furniture all use the POLYTOPS coloured headed nails, pins and screws so they can have colour matching fasteners within their products.

So what happens when we get an enquiry for a plastic coloured headed fastener in a colour that we don’t currently supply? Simple – we can colour match it and set up a new colour (subject to a minimum order due to the set up involved in the colour matching process and machine set up).

How does the colour matching process work?

Once we have established that the fasteners that we supply’s will do the fixing job required we will need a colour sample of the material that the plastic head needs to match. Typically this could be a bit of fascia board.

We will send this sample to our plastic pellet supplier who will test the colour and will produce a batch of colour matching plastic pellets. They will supply these coloured pellets to us to run through our machine to run and test run of coloured POLYTOPS.

We will further test the newly made coloured fasteners to the supplied sample board and if we are happy with the colour match we will send the sample fasteners to our client to check and hopefully approve.

Once we have received the approval from the client for the new colour we can then get it ready to be added to our colour range for full production. We create a set of production codes that are unique to the new colour for our customer to order at any stage they require it.

Colour matched 40mm POLYTOPS Pins

Colour matched 65mm POLYTOPS Nails

The Matching POLYTOPS Nails and Pins in action on the sample board.

It is as simple as that and normally takes around 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish (subject to the fastener required) to have the finished item ready to be used.

If you have a requirement for our custom colour matching process please contact sales@seac.co.uk and we will endeavour to help you with this